Chinese Traditional Funeral


This project about Chinese funeral philosophy, which is, regarding death as birth. I did a chemical experiment to convey the idea that people go on to another world after death, just like the energy transfers to other places instead of disappearing. 


The research process of this project was complex. Firstly, I found several workshops of traditional funeral supplies, consulted them about the making of paper sacrifice, which is called Zhizha in Chinese. I bought some of them though it seems like a taboo to do so. Those are paper-made replicas of valuables /to burnt for the dead. In my output, I took a lot of photos of these Zhizha. And of course, I burnt them in my chemical experiments.


As for experiment of conservation of energy, I burnt Zhizha. The heat of burning transfers to water, the steam of the boiling water makes the image reappear. Hmm...This is a metaphor that burning of paper symbolises the end of the power of life. It will go on to another world.

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