Useless Space


It’s about the space wastage. I found that though living space in contemporary society is getting better, unusable and idle spaces appear in people’s home. Many small spaces are poorly used, which could be a great space wastage for the whole society.

It’s an experimental virtual project. In this project, I built a virtual building. The space of the building is the sum of idle spaces from different families. I researched a community in Beijing, surveyed all residents and measured their idle space. I gathered those spaces to build a new building to provide residence for the homeless. Through this, I implied the issue of the wealth gap in Beijing.


And, the project is about architectural space. So I came to friends in architecture for some help. They helped me in things such as space measurement, thus allowed me to present precise planning of space.


I’ve also added some interactive ideas in the book, such as ruler and collage. Thus making the reading experience more narrative. In the near future, I plan to improve this project and add methods such as video and interactive games.

Book Design

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